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About Us

SKYLAND GROUP is an international production company with a wide range of professional, patented products for car service, manufacturing and construction enterprises. 

Products are manufactured in Germany, Holland, Poland, Ukraine and China in compliance with international quality standards. Trademarks TURBOZET, SKYLAND, DREAM AUTO, MAXITEX, NANOBEST – this is high quality and flexible pricing! 

Our products are used by leading companies in many countries of the world. All of our materials and products are characterized by ease of use and ease of maintenance. Their use not only creates a high level of service for the consumer, but also solves the problems of economical consumption of consumables.

During our work on the market, we have accumulated certain experience, which we are ready to share with our customers. After all, only through open and professional work, we can maintain trust. 

Goals and objectives of SKYLAND GROUP: 

  • Consumer understanding. 
  • Professional distribution solutions.
  • Realization of quality products. 
  • Professional advice. 
  • Long term relationship.